Thursday, March 28, 2019

One Year of Posts

Today marks one year of blog posts.  Nearly daily.  This is post number 363, so it looks like I only missed a couple of days.  I'm pretty satisfied with that result.  The completist in me would like it to match, but I can live with the difference.

To everyone that has read this blog, that has continued this journey with me through the various ramblings and musings, thank you.  I never expected anyone would ever read this, and am always appreciative to hear the kind words that have been passed along.

You all lift my spirits more than you could know.

I started this blog as a writing exercise.  An opportunity to get thoughts out of my head, to hone my voice, and to have an outlet for my rants.

Further, I started it to prove something to myself - I can write.  If you took the combined words of the blogs and put them together, you get a page count and word count that could rival the best novels.  To me, this shows me the only thing keeping me from writing anything I want, whether it be a play, an article, or a novel is the commitment to see it through.  To me this blog has shown time cannot be an excuse.  Over the past year, I've invested the time that could equate to any of those.  What is required is just the drive to do so.

And I've gotten that bug.  The blog was accompanied by adapting a play, as well as ideas for the next play and another adaptation.  I have the first few chapters of a novel, I just need to continue it.

I'm excited to see what happens next.

I am continuing the blog.  I may not be as dogmatic on the daily posts, but I'm going to try.  I like the exercise. I need the exercise.  It has often been a cathartic process.

So, again, thank you for sticking with me through this process.

It's continually in development.  Just like me.

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