Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Hardest Part

One week into the job search, one week post termination...

There are many things to actually enjoy about this time.  Getting to spend more time with Jamie and the kids.  Sleeping in.  Not spending two to three hours on the road every day.  Opportunities for lunch with friends.  More time to write.

Yes, it comes with the typical challenges you would expect and the general fear for the future, but it has been a bit of a break in some ways.

The hardest part of the transition, though, is the break of the routine.  The things that I developed just as a normal part of the day.  It could be a grind, but it brought things to look forward to.

The drive may have been grueling at times, but there were parts that were enjoyable.  The hour-plus gave me plenty of time to listen to long form podcasts.  To take in various interviews with creatives.

The position gave me an opportunity to have a routine on the computer.  I built a good rhythm with writing the blog and balancing everything.

Just getting out of the house on a regular basis.  Time alone with thoughts and inspiration.

The harder part here now is getting a little stir crazy.  Feeling a little cooped up, being constantly on.  We can and do get out of the house with the kids, to keep them from climbing the walls, but at times, everyone just needs their own break.

It's easier to manage now, and we have been.  Jamie takes the kids out of the house for a bit so I can focus.  I'll watch them in evenings for meetings that she has with friends and students.  It's still something I can see being a bigger issue as time goes on.

To everyone who commented regarding my attitude in how I'm approaching this, that's the trick right now.  It's easier to have that positive outlook now, especially since I was already planning an exit from the company.  I pray I can keep up that outlook as the weeks (or longer) go on.

Right now, it's just keeping that balance of time to apply and to search, as well as time just to invest in the family and to clear my head.  To use the opportunity that I have been given wisely.

Also, the focus is going to preparing for next week when Jamie will head out with her students for her yearly travel program trip.  That will be a series of posts in the future.

I thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and concerns and will keep you posted as things develop.

Onward and upward.  Hopefully.

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