Monday, March 23, 2020

Mitchuation Update - Adjusting

It's amazing how much can change in two weeks...

It has been a while since the last entry and so much has happened, in so many different ways.  What a time to change jobs and states in a global pandemic.

The first week of work went very well.  Lots of introductions, lots of information that I have tried to absorb.  New systems, new conventions, new connections.  In many ways, it was pretty normal. I got to go into the Indianapolis office and see my cube.  Got to see a few of the Columbus, IN offices.  I am replacing someone who is retiring, so I got to spend the week shadowing her and absorbing information.

I even started to feel like an official Hoosier.  Had my first breaded pork tenderloin sandwich at the Mug N Bun, evidence below.  Walked around downtown a lot, including passing Monument Circle everyday.  Stayed at a really cool Stay Alfred apartment downtown in a classic Art Deco building, with an elevated walkway connection to the Circle Center Mall.  Very exciting.  The only downside was being apart from the family.

Deliciousness at the Mug N Bun
Flying back to Texas Friday night was certainly different.  Less crowded at the airport.  A lot of worried travelers.  Regardless, I made it back to Dallas, made it back to the family in Winnsboro, and was ready to start the journey again.

Driving with the family, we made the journey a little more fun.  It's definitely more fun to sing along with a group to good music.  We made great little side trips, like to Casey, IL.  A town that has staked its claim on having a collection of the World's Largest items.  The World's Largest Rocking Chair, Mailbox, Birdcage, See-Saw, etc.

The AirBnb we are staying at is really great.  It's in a great location in Old Northside, among a collection of great Craftsman homes.    The owners/managers are right across the hall, so their family has been our one real connection so far.

In all, the start has been much what we expected - a great place to stay, cold weather, a lot of activity focused on trying to find a place to rent for a year or so.  Thankfully that activity has paid off and we have a place starting April 10.

What we could not imagine, what none of us could have imagined, was starting this new adventure under a stay in place order.  Going straight to work from home my second week on the job.  Working from home in the living room of an apartment only a little larger than our place in Wills Point.

It has been an adjustment, as it has been for everyone.  Lots of Skype and Zoom meetings, particularly so I can continue to talk with the current manager, getting as much information as I can from her over this next week and a half before she retires.  Trying to find convenient ways to allow me to work, and the kids to learn and play, in largely the exact same space.

The plus side is that we're all together.  That I'm kind of used to this with my previous remote work experience.  That everyone is adjusting to this,so there is an understanding, a bit of leniency.  The litigation group has a WhatsApp group together just so we can check in on each other and compare notes on how the adjustment is going.

In many ways, this may have been a boon for my ability to learn from my predecessor.  Global onboarding was largely removed, giving me back several days of time to ask questions and shadow.  With cases slowed to a crawl, the focus can be on the transfer of knowledge and questions, instead of responding to active matters.  Have to find the silver lining somewhere.

All in all, we are here, we are adjusting, and we are ready to be in our place, with our stuff.  Thankfully soon, fingers crossed.

Now that there is a rhythm, posts should increase.  And we plan to be updating y'all as much as possible.  And we have enjoyed seeing how everyone is adjusting on Facebook is adjusting to the new situation.

Until next time.

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