Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Father To A Son

This little kid.  My all black clad, emo 4 year old.  The tender-hearted voracious sight word learner.  The one who takes it on himself to put our dates on the calendar.  He’s our photographer, filling our camera rolls with his photos and videos. He in fact asked for this picture. 

He brings so much joy into our world.  

Like his sister, he is growing up too fast, but I am enjoying every minute of it  

Today is apparently National Sons Day. There is a debate on whether it is March 4 or September 28, but the sentiment remains the same. So like for Daughters Day, I thought I would share some poetic words for my son. 

these tears of joy,
are for the first time that i saw you
my beatiful baby boy,
i never thought this love i would find,
for what i feel for you is so deep inside,
when i see your face i see mine,
when i look into your eyes i can see the sun shine,
no matter how hard times may get,
just remember that im here for you dont ever forget,
for you are my hart my strenght my all,

when ever you need me just give me a call,
for i will always be here for you until the end,
because im more than just a father im also your friend

Jose Murguia,  2009

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