Saturday, May 6, 2023

Free Comic Book Day 2023

Today is one of the great days in nerd culture - Free Comic Book Day.  First started in May 2002, the day is an annual promotional event for North American Comic Book publishers to attract new readers to independent comic book stores.  The event is typically held the first weekend in May and generally coincides with the release of a new comic book movie.  This year sees the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

To truly make it a free comic book opportunity, each year, the major (and many minor) publishers create special comics designed to be given away by the comic book stores.  Sometimes, this new offering just contains reprint material of popular comics made by the publisher that tie into their promotional activities for the year.  Often though, they create an entirely new offering that sets the stage for their events for the year.  Either way, it's possible to find a store and rack up several completely new comics that you can obtain for free.

Stores usually join in with sales, promotions, and the like to help make it truly an accessible event for all.  This event is really for the local comic book shop after all, helping to drive traffic their way.

So, if you have one, support your local comic book shop today.  If you need to find one, you can use the link below to find one near you.


Happy reading everyone!

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