Sunday, October 21, 2018

Websites I Follow, or What I Read

On Friday, Gizmodo released their list of 100 Websites that Shaped the Internet.  Fair warning, while the post itself is work safe (thanks to blurring), the links they include are not (including one link that should never under any circumstances be clicked on).

And while there are a lot of sites that I have never heard of, much less used in the list, it is amazing how many sites that are still running and still have a large impact on our modern lives.  Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Pandora, Facebook, Dropbox, Netflix, Blogger.  Many of these used on a daily basis.

And that got me thinking of a post that I've been meaning to put together.   A glimpse into my daily newsfeed if you will.  A list of the websites that I follow.  The websites provided below are ones that I check on a daily basis to get information and to feed my interests. 

Homepage and News:

  • - I use Bing as a central landing spot for a couple of reasons.  Bing Rewards and the news carousel.  Since I'm on the web as much as I am, I can rack up the maximum Bing Rewards possible, netting me a $5 gift card once every month or so. For me, that is a good trade off (even with the times I have to use Bing to get to Google to get better results to get the points).  The news carousel also helps me have a quick launching point to get to articles related to items I heard on NPR on the drive in.
  • Blogger - For updates to the blog and to grab the link to paste to Facebook.
  • Facebook - for news related to people I know.
  • Associate Press News - for news with minimal commentary and editorial.
Disney News:
  • Disney Parks Blog - for the official Disney Parks related news articles and releases.
  • WDWMagic Forums - Particularly the News and Rumors and Disneyland forums.  For the latest Disney parks rumors and gossip.  Not the easiest to navigate to get news, but great for continually following developments.
  • Disney Food Blog - for updates related to Disney food.  The pictures will make you hungry and the ebooks look like great guides to food in the parks and beyond.
  • Disney Tourist Blog - I feel a lot of kinship to the author of this blog and enjoy following his updates and his personal travel blog Travel Caffeine.
  • Laughing Place - For general Disney articles and new items released through Shop Disney.
  • Disney Dish Podcast with Len Testa and Jim Hill - A Disney news and rumors podcast.  The rumors don't always pan out, but the history discussion is fascinating.
  • Passport to Dreams Old and New - This blog does not update very frequently, but presents the best perspective on the unique history of the Walt Disney World Resort.  In depth and artfully written.
  • Bleeding Cool - A British run news and rumor site that reads a bit like the Sun.  A tabloid, that often draws ire from the comic community, but can sometimes present a fascinating perspective.
  • CBR - Comicbook Resources.  Used to be perhaps the best comic news site.  Now is getting a little overloaded on clickbait and lists. But can still offer good comics news coverage.
  • Newsarama - A little better on longer interviews.  Little less intuitive website layout.
  • io9 - A more general pop culture news site, with good comics criticism.  I also peruse the more general tech and pop culture site Gizmodo, part of the same family of sites.
General Information/Blogs:
  • The Govteach - Informative, entertaining, and thought provoking.  I enjoy these updates from a favorite teacher that I am still learning from.
  • The Stonepoint Blog - our churches blog sourced from leadership and members.  Well-written entries that can have you waxing nostalgic and deeply reverent, often in the same post.  
  • Adulting in Progress - I may be a little biased, but I'm a fan of the author.  My sister's blog on style, on podcasts, on mom life, on life.  
What are your go to sources?  What fills your day?  I'm always interested to find new avenues to explore.

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