Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Mitchuation Update - Possibilities

It's been a while since I've posted an update, so I thought I would share a snapshot of where we are currently at as a family.  I'm still working from home, though the hours on the previous project have slowed to a trickle.  It's funny, just about the time I get fully trained and ready to go, the case hits a major slowdown.  The nature of project work in a nutshell.  It's not the first project I've seen change drastically overnight and it's not the last.

I'm still under contract with that company through Christmas and still have a good working relationship with them.  I completely understand where the slow down is coming from and it's nothing in their control.

I have started another project today that will should keep me busy through December 19.  That will be a good source of a little extra income over these next couple of weeks.  A little to help offset what we've pulled from the buffer.  Plus, it should still leave us free the week of Christmas to go to Buna and spend time down there.  Win-win.

This entire process has been one of learning to trust in God's provision and seeing it manifest in very tangible ways.  Just as I'm getting discouraged, just as I'm starting to worry, something new pops up.  To have the first contract job the day after vacations complete.  To then move directly to this current position that gave some needed back-of-house experience.  To then have this week hit, with a new project still remote, allowing me to serve out the current project contract and have more income coming in.

Additionally, I've seen a flurry of interviews.  Three last week.  Four this week.  One of which is with the current contract to see how they could help, what my future plans are. One of them last week was seeing how God can connect us all.  A family friend of the Hamrick's who has been in the same industry for years, but the connection was just now revealed.  Locations all over the country.  Austin, Dallas, Chicago, Asheville, and Los Angeles.  We have our preferences, but it's interesting to see them all pickup at the same time.

It's all served as another reminder that He has this under control.   Another reminder that I need to not be so anxious.

Now it may be that none of these interviews pan out.  That may not be the point.  It may be just a reminder to help keep me trusting that He will provide.  And if that is all it is, I'm glad to have it.

It has definitely been a different Christmas season.  One with new lessons and new appreciations.  I hope to have new things ahead for the new year.  But I'll keep trusting that He's got this.   Keep waiting for what He will reveal.

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