Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Watch Wisconsin

Wisconsin has its primary election today. Despite the pandemic. Despite its governor’s attempt to give voters more time. Despite closing numerous polling locations (only 5 out of 180 open in Milwaukee). Despite absentee ballots not being sent out to voters in time, even though they were requested timely (to the tune of some 27,000 absentee ballots not received by voters in time).

This should be concerning to every eligible voter. This should be concerning to every American.

This is voter disenfranchisement of the highest order. Giving citizens a choice between ignoring stay in place orders, risking infection to exercise their right to vote and complying with the order, staying safe but forgoing their Constitutional right and civic duty.

There were steps to avoid this. There were attempts to extend vote by mail absentee ballots. To balance civic duty and voter safety. But they were opposed on almost straight party line.

Pay attention to who opposes vote by mail and absentee ballot extensions. Pay attention to the language they use surrounding it. Pay attention when they admit that it would be a disaster for their side. It would seem clear they don’t have what is best for America in their sights, but only what benefits their side.

There is a way to win elections.  And despite the fact that this is what has happened in the past, this isn't the way it should be done.

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