Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Comedian's Comedian

I hadn't intended for the blog to turn into back to back remembrances.  Tim Conway passed away today at the age of 85.   Known for his role on the Carol Burnett Show and the Dorf videos, Conway was perhaps one of the funniest people in America.  He was a comedian's comedian, able to crack eve the most polished professionals.  His commitment to a bit and his ability to elicit a laugh through silence and facial expressions was unparalleled.  And while it is generally not encouraged to make your partners in a scene break character and laugh, he had a knack for making Harvey Korman laugh.  And Carol Burnett.  And Vicki Lawrence.  And Lyle Waggoner.  The audiences ate it up.

If you haven't seen any of his bits, I've included a few of my favorites from the Carol Burnett show below.

The Dentist Sketch:

The Elephant Story:

The Interrogator and the Puppet:

If you have any favorite sketches, I'd love to hear and discover them.

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