Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day 2019

"HAIL sons of generous valor,
Who now embattled stand,

To wield the brand of strife and blood,
For Freedom and the land.

And hail to him your laurelled chief,
Around whose trophied name

A nation's gratitude has twined
The wreath of deathless fame.

Now round that gallant leader
Your iron phalanx form,

And throw, like Ocean's barrier rocks,
Your bosoms to the storm.

Though wild as Ocean's wave it rolls,
Its fury shall be low,

For justice guides the warrior's steel,
And vengeance strikes the blow.

High o'er the gleaming columns,
The bannered star appears,

And proud amid its martial band,
His crest the eagle rears.

And long as patriot valor's arm
Shall win the battle's prize.

That star shall beam triumphantly,
That eagle seek the skies.

Then on, ye daring spirits, 
To danger's tumults now,

The bowl is filled and wreathed the crown,
To grace the victor's brow; 

And they who for their country die 
Shall fill an honored grave. 

For glory lights the soldier's tomb, 
And beauty weeps the brave."
Joseph Rodman Drake, To the Defenders of New Orleans

May we never forget.  Happy Memorial Day.

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