Monday, October 21, 2019

Mitchuation Update - New Opportunities

It has been a while since the last update, so I thought it was time to pass along a little more information regarding where we are at.  Largely the lack of an update reflected a pretty stable status quo.  The project I was on was supposed to last for just a month.  It ended up lasting for two months and two weeks.  In that time, we created a pretty good rhythm.  I would come back to Winnsboro on the weekends and spend time with the family.  On Mondays, I would load up and head into the office, stay with friends in Wills Point through Friday, and repeat the process all over again.

It was stable and greatly appreciated, but being away during the week was beginning to wear.  On everyone.  By the end, even Jude was waking himself up early on Monday mornings when I would leave, and during the week he started to get to the "I want Dada" stage.  So while we wanted the reliability of the paycheck to continue, we were definitely ready for something else to allow us to be together throughout the week.

I do have to say that I really loved working with Lynn Pinker.  That was a great office and team to be supporting.  It was a little weird to be there during their extensive renovation, but the entire experience was excellent.  In that regard, I was sad to see it end.

As it has been through this entire process, it is amazing to see how things come together.  Last Monday when that project ended, I got an email regarding another opportunity.

Through the last few weeks, we knew the project was likely going to end soon, and we had been praying for a smooth transition with a short break in between, so we could enjoy the time together.

That's what we got.  From the initial email, I had an interview on Wednesday and would not hear affirmatively until Friday.  So nearly a week's break to enjoy time together.  To play with Avalyn.  To get Jude to take a nap.  Just to be together.

I've started the new project today.  It's a higher hourly rate.  It's work from home, so I'll be in Winnsboro with the family.  It's training me to have greater technical experience, which will definitely be a plus for future applications.  And most surprisingly, it's with two companies that I have previously applied to (including the one I got the farthest with in Washington, D.C.).

The Lord works in mysterious ways, indeed.

This project has the potential to last for a while, potentially until March.  The length is one of the few unknowns.  As with most project work, it could go away tomorrow.  But even in that eventuality, I know there is a plan.  There will be something behind it.  There will be further provision.

We are still praying and hoping for that permanent position that we know will be coming.  We are ready to find a new place to rent and start setting up our next home.  We are still open to just where that might be.  In the interim, we will simply continue to trust the Shepherd.

Whatever is next, we will keep you posted.

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