Friday, October 11, 2019

The Travelers' Report Part 15 - Road Trip Day 2 Nashville to Kentucky

Part 15 in the series of our ongoing travels, both as a family and individually.  This continues the Hamrick family road trip, covering the leg from Nashville to the rental house in Kentucky.  As before, Jamie's thoughts are in blue, with my own color commentary.

"After a good nights sleep we hit the streets of Nashville and headed over to the Adventure Science Center. Thanks to our Perot membership this amazing museum was free for us and our our nephew. They had a whole section of bodily functions which we all found hilarious especially the intestines slide wherein the person sliding represents the poop leaving the body. As you exit the slide there was a pad that made fart noises, Jude kept jumping on the sensor just to hear that sound and giggle over and over again."

This is an incredible science museum, with an amazing six-story play area in the center.  The kids had a blast, and I think Jamie and I did too.

"The departure of the museum lead us to the Goo Goo shop where you can make your own goo goo cluster. We loaded up on the variety pack (chocolate is never a bad road trip snack, or any type of snack for that matter.)"

The peanut butter cluster is definitely the best, though I was tempted by a couple of their signature creations.

"The last stop in Nashville before heading up to Kentucky was The Soda Parlor. Almost everyone has a shake but we opted for the PB+Space Jam, a delectable dish of Belgium Waffle with cookie and nutter butter ice cream with strawberry and blueberry drizzled on top of whipped cream and cookie crumbles. YUM!"

Our PB+Space Jam was dubbed a Mondae, and it was a delectable brunch.

"Lunch brought us to Bojangles Chicken n Biscuits, for a fast food joint it was pretty good. Mitch wanted to go back there ever since the last time he had it and now we all got to experience the deliciousness." 

I've been missing Bojangles since a couple of summer camps in North Carolina. It's still as good as I remember, and I think they have the best biscuits of any fast food joint.

"We did have to make a quick detour to the Jim Beam distillery. Two days on the road with the kids drove us to drink.😂 We settled on Pre-prohibition rye whiskey and for the two of us being unfamiliar with that liquor I will say we chose well. That bottle will most likely last us a long while but it is quite smooth."

"By our days end we arrived at our house in Pendleton, KY. The story of the owners is pretty amazing. They had 8 kids biologically and adopted 6 kids from Africa. At one point that three story home housed 17 kids when they also provided for two kids who needed to escape a bad situation. One thing I can say is the house exudes warmth and love and we’re so glad this is where we chose to stay."

This was a great location and an excellent place to escape and relax. The family rents out several distinct parts of their property and we would recommend.  It put us within two hours of all our travels over the next few days.  Perfect central location.

"Stay tuned for more adventures on the road!"

Next in the series - Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio

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