Friday, October 25, 2019

The Travelers' Report Part 16 - Road Trip Day 3 Ohio

Part 16 in the series of our ongoing travels, both as a family and individually.  This continues the Hamrick family road trip, covering our Keeler family detour into Ohio to go to church, visit friends, and see a couple of sights.

"Sunday, fun day!! We woke up early to make the trek to Dayton, Ohio to go to church at Far Hills and catch up with friends who just moved there this month. It didn’t take very long for the kids to fall back asleep so it was a nice, quite little Sunday morning drive, although Jude did wake up when his song came on. He can’t help but sing “Hey Jude.”😂"

"It was so much fun to spend some time with the Tate’s, enjoy some pizza and bond over our views of Stranger Things Season 3. The message Sunday picked up exactly where we left off at Stonepoint, Ephesians 4:16. How perfect is that?"

It was really great to spend time with the Tates.  They are a family that I wish we were able to spend more time with while they were in Texas, and I'm glad we've had this opportunity.  Hope to do it again.

"On the way back to Kentucky we made a stop in Cincinnati to visit The Hall of Justice and appreciate the amazing children’s museum and Natural History museum at the Cincinnati Center. Jude went ballistic when he saw the dinosaurs. I think he may want to be a paleontologist like his daddy did when he was a kid."  

For those who don't recognize the reference, the Cincinnati Union Terminal building was used as the inspiration for the Hall of Justice in the old Super Friends cartoon.  We had to do our best superhero impressions out front.  This is a really cool museum complex with three museums under one roof.   A lot of great exhibits and a lot of great hands on activities for kids.

"We were told we had to have Graeter’s ice cream while in Cincy, luckily they had one in the museum."

Worth the wait.

"Before saying goodbye to Cincinnati we had to try Skyline chili. Now you have to understand what they are famous for: Cinnamon chili poured over spaghetti, cheese, onions, and beans (called the 5 way). All I can say is they need to visit Texas for real chili. At least I can say I tried it."

I can say I tried the chili portion on top.  That's just not right.  Cinnamon really doesn't seem to go well in chili as a primary ingredient and flavor.  I was proudest of Avalyn for saying that the chili definitely wasn't Texas chili because of the beans on top of the 5 way.

Next in the series, a couple of posts on our thoughts on the Ark

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