Friday, November 29, 2019

The Travelers' Report Part 20 - Road Trip 7: Home

Part 20 in the series of our ongoing travels, both as a family and individually.  This continues the Hamrick family road trip, covering the way home.

"The long drive back home. It wasn’t really long, a little over 5 hours without stops, but little kids have small bladders so this seemed like infinity.

Now that this road trip is over it’s time to reflect on all the fun times and memories we created. One thing that stands out above all is how much I love my family. As crazy, loud and goofy as we are we love each other, warts and all. I hope everyone has had as much fun with their families as Mitch and I’ve had with ours this summer.

Now it’s time to catch up on some sleep.😂"

And sleep we did, sort of.  We slept in and then headed down to Hutto for the weekend.

It's funny to look back on this now.   After losing my job in June, we had these trips planned.  The cruise was already paid for, so that was definitely happening.  This is the trip that might have been sacrificed if I went back to work.  I'm so glad it wasn't.  This was a great trip to take and a good time to be with family.

Knowing what we know now, we see how God had all things worked out.  There was a contract job waiting to start the day we got back.  The move worked out perfectly before it.  God had a plan all along.

I'm starting to see that more and more.  I just have to keep remembering it.

Not from this trip, but just a little before.  Still one of my favorite pictures of us all.
Until the next voyage...

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