Friday, November 22, 2019

The Travelers' Report Part 19 - Road Trip 6: Memphis

Part 19 in the series of our ongoing travels, both as a family and individually.  This continues the Hamrick family road trip, covering the start of the journey home, stopping in Memphis.  And a couple of fun side adventures.

"Our last hotel took us to Memphis, TN but we took a few pit stops along the way. Our first stop was in Louisville to visit the Kentucky Derby. I have to go back Church Hill Downs, watch the race and wear the gaudiest hat while sipping a mint julep."

Agreed. Derby is on my list of things to experience in America. The Museum and the shop were neat, but I think to really experience this I need to see a race. Or to watch a movie in the in field. We just missed one such event. Were there more time. I also need to get back to Louisville to go to the Louisville Slugger factory and museum.

We also stopped at Lincoln's birthplace in Hodgenville, Kentucky.  A nice little memorial to the President, with a very interesting structure built on the foundation of his birth home.

"Afterwards we went to the Dino World where they had several life sizes dinosaurs you walked around. Jude had to go up to every single dinosaur and growled."

Jude is at a stage where he loves dinosaurs, so this was particularly fun. He was running ahead of us to get to each one and growl.
"The final stop brought us to the Big Cypress Lodge in the Bass Pro shop inside the pyramid. This was one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever stayed in with a walk out ledge over looking downtown Memphis with its only access up the worlds largest free standing elevator."

This was a very nice hotel, set up a lot like a Gaylord hotel, but with fewer rooms. All rooms facing inward to a very decorated store in the middle on the bottom two floors. Each had a balcony so you could sit out and look over all the store and restaurant. Free cookies and other snacks in the room.

The kids had a blast getting on the ATVs and looking at the fish and taxidermy in the store. The also are daredevils and loved the elevator to the top and the glass ledge lookout over Memphis. I'm not normally afraid of heights, but have to admit, the glass floors are a little disorienting. Felt the same way in Chicago.

Next in the series, the road trip comes to an end.

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