Tuesday, August 11, 2020

That's Enough 2020

You know, we've handled the quarantine.  We've handled masks.  We've handled social distancing and work from home.  This may be a step too far.

Dr. Pepper is having a shortage.

Dr. Pepper is my coffee.  I've never really developed a taste for hot beverages, coffee even less so.  For a dose of caffeine, the Dr. is my drug.

I'm working on drinking far less of it and trying to limit it to the weekends at most, but this week is a semi-staycation and with the big birthday coming up, it's been a little more regular in our house.  

It's my addiction.  Not a good one, as if there are any good addictions, but at times a necessary one.  It keeps me awake on long road trips.  It helps combat the grogginess after a long night.  

It's the perfect pair for a hamburger, or pizza.

It's a taste of Texas in our new home.

It's making this pandemic bearable.

At this point, can we go back to the toilet paper shortage.

Seriously, it's time to go stock up.   

So, again, enough 2020.  No more.

Let's turn this around and move on to happier things.

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