Tuesday, August 7, 2018


It's hard to believe and it seems to be moving up earlier and earlier, but Jamie starts in-service tomorrow.  That wonderful time of meetings and trainings getting ready for the new school year, starting in just a little over a week.  

To all teachers out there: may your meetings be brief and informative, may they focus only on the information you really need to know, may they be entertaining, may they be uplifting, and then may they get out of your way.

It's funny thinking about the word in-service.  That really seems to describe a teacher's life doesn't it.  They spend their lives in service.  Nominally in service to the district that has hired and pays them for a specific task.  Truly, in service to the students entrusted in their care, who need the knowledge only they can impart.  

First, I would like to say thank you for your life in service.  I know I am better for those who have taught me and I see that same impact in others.  I see the way Jamie can reach students, even those previously written off.  I hope each of you knows the impact that you have and hear it often.

Second, I lift up many prayers for you as this new year is starting.

I pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to get through each and every day.  To face whatever new event is brought before you, both professionally and extracurricularly.

I pray the curriculum is able to still excite you.  That you are able to make new discoveries and new passions within your chosen field.

I pray you see each student with fresh eyes, with God's eyes, so that you can see what may be able to reach through to the previously unreachable one.  May you be that teacher.

I pray that each of you has a wonderful support system of friends and family encouraging you along the way.

I pray that each of you hears from former students regarding the positive impact you have had in their lives.  May you continue to receive the encouragement you need to keep it up.

I pray that you have parents that are supporting you and aiding you in the education of their children, not acting as obstacles or impediments.  

I pray you have plenty of time to get away, to unwind and recharge on a frequent basis throughout the year.  That you are able to invest in yourself, as well as others.

I pray for the support of your administration.  That they are able to go above and beyond to give you what is needed to make this year better than ever.

I pray for a change in the political climate of our state and nation, to stop being hostile to the public school system and to actively fight to improve each and every campus.  Not through new tests, standards, and regulations, but through abundant funding and support.

I pray for a change in the voting habits in our state and nation, so that candidates who continue to gut public school funding are voted out of office.

Most of all, I pray you know you are valued and appreciated.  That there are people praying for you and supporting you.  Most likely, more than you could ever realize.

I pray this is the start of a wonderful and meaningful year. 

You've got this.

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