Monday, August 13, 2018

Where We Are

There are days where it is hard to decide what to write on, how to sift through the glut of information and news that we have, particularly about the state of our nation.

The Manhattan Madam testifying before the Mueller investigation because of her connections to Roger Stone.

Trump ramping up tweets about the Mueller investigation.

Recordings of Devin Nunes seemingly rallying protection of the president at all costs.  "If Sessions won't un-recuse and Mueller won't clear the president, we're the only ones, which is the real danger. [...] We have to keep the majority.  If we do not keep the majority, all of this goes away."

Omarosa claiming other damning tapes exist from Trump's time on the apprentice.

At least two immigrants still being able to obtain citizenship.

Washington D.C. braces for a white nationalist rally.

All concerning.  All continuing the pattern of behavior we have seen before.  All newsworthy.

But it was an image last week that impacted me the most.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this speaks volumes about our country at this moment.

Apparently, these shirts are available from a variety of retailers.

Have we really reached the point where segments of the population would rather align with a true enemy state than someone from our own country with a different point of view?

Are we that empathically challenged that we cannot understand that someone else having a different idea about how to make America great doesn't make it a bad idea, just different?  And that maybe that idea should be given some weight?

I don't know.  I know these things shouldn't surprise me anymore, but they do.

We certainly live in interesting times.

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