Friday, August 24, 2018

The Traveler's Report Part 6 - Vienna

Part 6 of the Traveler's report, from Jamie:

"After our lovely stint in Budapest we traveled to Austria’s capital. Vienna was my personal favorite of the tour. The food, the music, the history was all amazing but nothing beats the people. Though the city boasts over 1.7 million people it is very laid back and chill. No one seems to be in a rush. There’s time to stop and smell the roses so to speak. It didn’t hurt that our tour director Amir was born and raised here and had such joy in showing us around either. My most enjoyable time in this city was getting to experience the concert, The Sounds of Vienna, where they played the classics of Mozart and Strauss. That was a surreal moment for me."

I love these pictures driving into Vienna. A promise of more good things to come.  There are sunflowers for days on this drive. This is my favorite picture of the trip and it’s of Gods glorious nature. I just want to run through those sunflowers and soak up the early morning light.

This is the most refreshing lemonade I’ve ever had though I’m not quite sure why it’s labeled lemonade since it also has lime, orange and mint. I need one of these to beat the Texas heat.

St Charles Church built to give thanks for the passing plague. I love the Baroque spheres on either side.

Vienna State Opera House, one of the top Opera houses in the world with over 50 operas and ballets produced a year.

Our Opera stop for the evening.

Loved the chandeliers!!!

Intermission outside on the veranda.

History museum. I wish I had more time to spend here.

Inside St Stephens Cathedral

Schönbrunn Palace gardens

Belvedere Palace

Down in the basement for tonight’s dinner.

Apple Strudel. Delicious!

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