Thursday, December 13, 2018

Holiday Parties - Why I Love My Work and Why I Love My Church

This week has marked the start of the holiday party season for the Keeler household.  On Tuesday evening, Jamie had her annual Christmas Cast Party (the first year it has not been at our apartment).  This evening, we will be attending the annual Level 2 Legal Solutions Holiday party in Richardson.  This Sunday evening, we will have the privilege of attending the Volunteer Appreciation dinner at Stonepoint Church in Wills Point.  Both are events we look forward to all year long. 


The Level 2 Legal Solutions Holiday Dinner is truly one of the things that I love about my work and one of the things that really sets us apart from other companies in our field.  Every year, our company gives back to its employees with a great dinner, door prizes, games, gifts, and a truly enjoyable evening.  We'll close the office early and head out to dinner, with a drinks and plenty of opportunity to socialize.  Everyone is there from the CEO to the newest reviewers. 

For years, the dinner used to be held in Wills Point at Four Winds Steakhouse.  The one night of the year my drive actually worked to my advantage.  One benefit, I suppose, of having a four star steakhouse in your town half-way between the offices.  We would bus all the reviewers out to Wills Point and back again.  Last year, we finally moved the party up to Richardson, allowing an earlier end for everyone involved.

The dinner was also an opportunity for us to announce the recipients of the L2L Charitable Giving Grant Awards.  Each year (and now multiple times a year), we ask the employees to nominate charities that are important to them for the opportunity for a grant for that organization.  This is the fifth year of that program, I believe.

The dinner can be very difficult to schedule.  We never know exactly how many people will be working on projects at the time, especially as far in advance as many locations need to know, so it takes a lot of coordination and preparation to pull it off as well as we do.  It is noticed and very appreciated by our workforce.


The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at Stonepoint is an opportunity for the staff of Stonepoint to say thank you to the many volunteers that help keep Stonepoint serving.  They provide the meal and serve the many volunteers and provide the evenings entertainment.  It's a night of games with prizes and consequences (our church is a big believer in consequences), with a few surprises along the way. 

This will be Jamie and my third Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.  It's a gesture that truly reflects the hearts of those on the staff of the church and their care for its members.  A reminder that the Church is not the pastor, not the staff - it's the members of the body.  This is just one of the many reasons Why I Love My Church.


I hope you and yours have many opportunities to get together with the various groups that make your lives great.  From family, to friends, to church family, to co-workers.  To enjoy this season and to look forward to greater things ahead.

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