Friday, December 21, 2018

My Grown Up Christmas List

When you are a kid, the Christmas wishlist and letter to Santa almost represent your shot at a Genie's wishes.  You wish for everything you want.  Price is no object, size is no matter, practicality goes out the window - you put your truest wishes to paper.

With that same spirit, I draft my grown-up Christmas wish.  The craziest and biggest wishes I could ask for.  My list of the top 10 things that I would ask Santa for.

In no particular order,
  • Unlimited airline miles, with no blackout dates - to travel the world and see it all.  To have access right at our finger tips.
  • Tesla Model S with dual batteries, enhanced autopilot, and home supercharging - A great car to drive locally, untethered from the large amount I pay in gas each year currently.
  • Energy independent home with solar tiles and battery backup - To receive from the utility company and to put back into the grid.
  • Disney Golden Pass and Tokyo Disneyland Resort Lifetime Pass, for me and my family - Access to every Disney park there is, at any time.
  • Guaranteed admission and full ride scholarship for all of my children - the promise of education and the benefits it brings.
  • Excellent bills of health for all family members - To be free from worry regarding health and to allow family members to enjoy their time on earth to the fullest.
  • A Cadillac Insurance plan - in case something should happen.
  • To be independently wealthy - Not extravagantly so, but to be sufficient without the tie to work. This one is not about the money; it's about the time.  To be able to spend all that time with my wife and kids.  To be there for all the formative steps of their development and to teach them every step of the way.  If they need to learn about Rome, let's go there, etc.  To have plenty of time to be with extended family as well.
  • A classic movie theater I can program myself - to have a beautifully maintained and restored theater with plenty of film to show.
And finally, as cliched as it is
  • Complete Peace on Earth - even if just for a day.  Not just freedom from war or crime, freedom from all conflict and strife.  From abuse, from neglect.  Peace.
My greatest wish for this season does not come from this list, though.  I pray for time with a healthy family, wonderful memories made together, safety in travel to get to and from, and for us to be able to gather together again soon.

And that's my greatest wish each and every year.  The rest is just a bonus.

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