Friday, February 1, 2019

A Little Blogkeeping

Another double post today, this one with just a few blogkeeping notes.

I'm trying to get caught up.  In November and December, I was really good about writing ahead, but with January, I've nearly always been playing catch up.  Will be working to have things a little more regular in February.

Part of that includes moving the posts back into the morning.  It won't be an automatic change, but I'm going to start moving the posts back earlier, first to around noon, then back to the morning release.  It's been a little easier to have things ready and then proof day of, but I wanted to get back to having things automatically post in the mornings.

Finally, the next If I Were Disney CEO post for ABC is coming.  It's proving to be one of the more challenging posts to put together, because while I have a framework for general recommendations, I'd also like to get in a chart that has a proposed generic primetime schedule.  That's the harder part.

All in all, this has still been a fun exercise and I thank you for reading.  As the year mark comes closer and closer, I'm putting together my thoughts on what I've learned and discovered.  There's one in particular that gives me hope.

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