Saturday, February 9, 2019

National Pizza Day

It's National Pizza Day!  A worthy celebration for the Keeler household.  I've definitely eaten more than my fair share.  There was a lot of pizza consumed in law school.  Even the little boy loves "za" and can down one or two slices.

Pizza has to be nearly the perfect food.  All food groups in a single delicious dish.  It can be a single filling deep dish slice or a perfect binge food.  Crust to your preference, zesty tomato sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, and virtually unlimited combinations of toppings. 

I love it all.  From thin neopolitan to Chicago deep dish.  From the authentic pizza we got in Florence to the cheap oven bakes.  As an 80s kid, nothing beats Pizza Hut for nostalgia.

I like white pizzas with alfredo sauce.  I like buffalo or barbecue chicken pizza.  I'll even take pineapple on pizza with a good Hawaiian style.  With the kids, I'm growing to appreciate just a classic cheese pizza.

I do miss the buffet.  I know Cicis still offers it, but I miss the Pizza Hut buffet.  Or Mazzios.  Or Gattis.

I think the best we've had has been a quattro formaggi in Florence (Jamie cried over this one) and The Malnati Classic Chicago at Lou Malnati's.  John's in Time Square ranks up there as well.

So let's grab a slice in celebration.  It's on our menu tonight.  And to continue the conversation, I'd love to hear of the best pizza you've ever had.

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