Saturday, February 23, 2019

Life Keeps You Humble

Short post tonight.

Just got a reminder that life keeps you humble. No matter what.

Jamie and I had a great date day today and enjoyed a fun brunch, Anastasia at Dallas Summer Musicals, and had a great Italian dinner. We picked the kids up from their fun day with cousins. And wanted nothing more than to come home and get in pjs.

When we got home, I got the reminder to always check to make sure you have all the keys you think you have.

When we left, I grabbed a key ring that typically has just keys to Jamie’s car and the apartment. I grabbed those, locked the apartment from the inside, and then we headed out.

What I forgot is that Jamie had needed to take the apartment key off a few days ago and it had not been placed back on the ring.

So we got home, carrying everything up stairs and found ourselves locked out of the apartment.

We scrambled a bit to try and get in. Tried a couple of lock picking techniques to try and get in. And thankfully got our landlord to send someone with a master key.

Just a small reminder through a small inconvenience that life keeps you humble. It sends you reminders that of how lucky you are and how many things go right every day.

It keeps you thankful. Thankful for neighbors that entertain you and give you a bobby pin and flashlight to aid your attempts at lock picking. Thankful for a landlord and maintenance that can bring a spare key. Thankful for a family that can laugh at the situation. And thankful for time to write this blog.

The key is now back on the ring where it belongs.

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