Friday, July 26, 2019


On our first day as nomads, we're off on a road trip.  We're heading out with Jamie's family to end up in Pendleton, Kentucky.

Through this trip, we'll be spending time in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.  We'll see new states and places we haven't been to.  We'll get to catch up with friends who have recently moved.  We'll have new adventures.

The trip will definitely end up as a Travelers' Report soon.  But wanted to let you know we're heading out, so that you can expect a little more relaxed posting pace.  I'm hoping to keep at it regularly and have some banked, but may not be as fastidious at it as I would typically be.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel.  We've got four kids seven and under, so it's going to get really interesting, really fast.

But it should be a whole lot of fun.  And that is a welcome treat right now.

Bon Voyage!

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