Friday, October 30, 2020

Mitchuation Update: Fall Break


I have to say that I really appreciate being able to truly experience fall.  We've just gotten through Fall Break here in Indiana.  Avalyn went back to school this week, but had the previous two weeks off from school.   Many Indiana schools take two weeks off in October for Fall Break, still get the two weeks off for Christmas and New Year, and then get two weeks off for Spring Break.  The trade off is that school starts the last couple of days of July, but from what I've seen so far, I'll definitely take this.  I love having the freedom in fall to enjoy it.  

This is a bit of why I haven't been writing as much, though there will be more on that Sunday.

The grandparents on both sides came up to visit over the break.  Jamie's parents the first week, mine the second.  I even took a couple of days off to enjoy it with them.  We got to go to the nearby apple orchard to celebrate with their fall fest.  To drive and see the foliage.  With Mom and Dad, we drove to Greentown, Indiana to see where my great grandparents' and great uncles home's were. Drove around the little town there to see what my Dad could remember from his trips up here and what had changed.  

We also got to have a lot of good food.  Awesome donuts from Hilligoss.  Cupcakes and macarons from Sweet Paiges.  Triple XXX Rootbeer and burgers (including tasting the peanut butter burger - interesting).  A few tenderloin sandwiches.  

Experiences we would not have necessarily done in October if Avalyn was still in school.  We're already looking forward to what the trips we could take in fall that would be best visited in fall, when things really open back up again of course.

The maple tree in our front yard is completing its process of turning from green to red.  Right now, the tree is nearly completely red and starting to lose its leaves.  The yard is covered in them and reminding me how much I need to rake them.

Still, I'm loving fall.

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