Thursday, December 17, 2020

Yuletide - Snow!

"Where it's snowing all winter through
  That's where I want to be.
  Snow ball throwing, that's what I'll do
  How I'm longing to ski

  Through the snow

We had our first snowfall of the winter yesterday. 

And it was AMAZING!

We woke up to at least a couple of inches of snow that had blanketed everything.  I'm sure that we looked crazy, but for kids from Texas who never really got to enjoy snow in winter, we made the most of it. Snowball fights, sledding, catching a snowflake on our tongues, etc.  Piling out of the house into the front yard just to experience the morning.

It put us in a good mood all day long.  Christmas music blaring, the smell of hot chocolate filling the house, and a slight chill in the air.  It felt like Christmas.

It's still here today, though a little less pretty.  A lot more like a dusting we might get in Texas, but still something that makes me smile.

They say we'll get tired of it.  They say it will feel like a burden at some point.  But for now, it's wonderful.  I've got 40 years of primarily snow less Christmases, with the rare exceptions, that I've got to make up for.

I've included a picture of our house and the hill that we sled down, particularly from early in the morning when everything was still covered.

I know most of my readers are in areas where it would be rare, but I hope you get snow.  I hope you get to enjoy it and to feel the magic of the day.

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