Tuesday, November 8, 2022


Today is election day.  I know it's only the mid-terms and there is a tendency to view non-presidential elections as somehow less important.  

That could not be any further from the truth.  

At the national level, your Senator or Representative will have much more impact on your daily life than any president ever will.  Congress makes the laws, the president enforces them.  An oversimplification, but still a truth.  The men and women of Congress will be writing the laws we are complaining about months from now.  And the fact that there are far too many serving that have been in the office for too long, profited far too much off the office, and have lost their connection to the people gives us even more incentive to vote whenever they are up for election.

Most importantly, and often most overlooked, the local civic and school board elections will more directly impact to your day to day life than any national election.  They are writing the laws and policies that can have the most immediate impact on your community.

So, this is my plea - go vote.  It matters. It really does, more than you think. 

Don’t listen to the voices playing on your fear.  Our votes are generally very safe and free from fraud.  It naturally takes more than just tonight to count every vote and to know the outcome in certain tight elections. This is all normal and not a cause for undue alarm. 

If you need a voter guide for the national elections, there are several out there, like ivoterguide.com. A site like that can walk you through the ballot you will see.   There are likely local ballot information you can obtain out there as well. 

Vote, vote, vote. 

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