Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Why We Fight

Between 1942 and 1945,the United States made a series of seven films entitled Why We Fight.  They were propaganda films to justify to United States soldiers the American presence in World War II and to persuade the American public to support the war efforts.  All seven of the films represented the best Hollywood had to offer.  Frank Capra directed, Walt Disney Studios animated segments, and Walter Huston and other radio stars narrated.  All came together because they recognized the power of film.  The power of an image.

Every so often, we get reminders of the fight we are up against.  The reminder of the evil that is still out in the world.  And there are are the defining images that bring this reality into focus.

We have one such image now.  This picture is not a colorized photo from Nazi Germany.  It's not from the 1930s or 1940s.  This was a photo taken in Draketown, Georgia.  Last weekend.


There is something festering in our country and it cannot be ignored.  This is why we continue to fight.

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  1. I saw this, and I remember the Klan holding a rally across the highway from a girlfriend's house in the 1970s.( Vidor, circa 1975) We sat in the porch swing and watched. I remember her father moving his deer rifle to the door. They were ( Her Dad and Mom) beyond appalled. And these were working class people, and were upset. These same people ( Nazis) exist among the people of SE Texas. You should get the letters I receive on have a " Yellow Person" in my family.