Monday, July 30, 2018

A Little Blogkeeping

There's nothing like a run down immune system and a compromised toddler to get you sick.  Surprisingly, the toddler not in day care seemed to have brought a cold bug into the house, getting both me and Jamie sick over the weekend.  The toddler in day care has not gotten sick (yet).  As bugs go, I'll take this one over some of the others that have passed through our household, but still, not a fun weekend.   It's always interesting when both mommy and daddy are sick, but at least one child still wants to bounce off the walls.

So, with this sickness, I let yesterday's blog get out with just the link and without the substance.  That has been corrected, and you can read the updated version here.

Further, it pushed today's blog back, which has led to this housekeeping bit this afternoon.  The planned blog for today will probably hit Thursday.   This did provide a bit of fortuitousness, though, as it has let something a bit more topical be used for tomorrow's blog.

Thankfully, I've also gotten to play catch up today, so everything should be continuing a bit more regularly from here on out.

I do want to thank everyone who is continuing to read these.  I truly am humbled that anyone takes the time to read anything I've posted, even as a one off.  That people are reading on a regular basis is just amazing.

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