Saturday, July 28, 2018

Disney's New Century

We'll it is official.  Both boards have approved the acquisition, just a month after the Justice Department approved the merger with certain caveats.

It looks like The Walt Disney Company will be able to acquire 21st Century Fox with limited hurdles.  This makes Disney the largest of the remaining Big 5 film studios.  Think about it.  This gives Disney seven of the top ten highest grossing films and twelve of the top twenty.  Twenty-five of the top fifty.  That's amazing.  One company accounts for half, the other studios combined share the other half.

There will be a few points that will be key to watch over the coming months:

  • Will Disney secure the approval for the acquisitions for the remaining international governments or will there be any that try to hold up this deal?
  • Will Disney go forward with Fox's planned acquisition of SKY International?
  • Will Comcast succeed in its acquisition of SKY instead?
  • Will Disney and Comcast reach some sort of agreement regarding SKY?  If so, what will be the cost?  Will Comcast trade its portion of Hulu, Marvel theme park rights in Florida and Japan, and/or its film rights to the Hulk and Namor for SKY?  It sounds crazy, but Disney traded Al Michaels for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  
  • Would Disney likewise throw in the Regional Sports Networks it must divest and/or the Simpsons?
  • What becomes of New Fox with Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports, and the Fox Broadcasting Network?
  • Will Disney re-brand 21st Century Fox to minimize the association with the New Fox?  21st Century Films or 21st Century Pictures, perhaps?
  • Will Disney keep Blue Sky Animation or sell it as being a redundant acquisition?
  • Who will ultimately get the regional sports networks?
  • If Disney does not trade (or sell) Hulu, how will it interact with Disney's own planned streaming service?
Very, very interesting.  


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