Sunday, July 15, 2018

Thai Hot - A Random Musing

A short one today, but an observation...

We spent the weekend in San Antonio to see family and the sights, getting to check in with more family on the way home.  We of course had breakfast tacos and Mexican food, saw the RiverWalk and the DoSeum (very fun for kids). 

What sparked this blog topic was dinner on Saturday.  We had Thai food Saturday night, a first for some of us.   And it was excellent.  I had laab (or larb), a mined beef dish that was awesome.

What I've noticed and what seems very interesting, is the difference in "Thai hot."  I'm used to Mexican heat.  Jalapenos, serranos, and habaneros, I'm used to.  But heat from the Asian dishes, that's an entirely different ball game. 

And we didn't even get our dishes "Thai Hot".  We just got them "hot".  And that was burn your lips off hot.  It's amazing how something can be that hot, and still not be the hottest level.

Now, I know better than to eat the Red Sauce at Halal Guys.  And I can even still do a dab of it.  But this was an entirely different ball game.  I kept eating because the dish was so good, but desperately needed a milk product to kill the heat.

Thankfully Zantac came to the rescue.  Otherwise it could have been a very rough night.

I'm not going to stop trying new dishes and new cuisines, nor am I going to stop exploring new spices and variations on the Scofield Scale. 

I've just learned my limitation in Thai food.  I may stick to mild (or at least spice on the side).

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