Monday, July 6, 2020

Ten Albums #10: The Essential Harry Belafonte

I'll close this list out with the album that is getting the most play today.  A reference to how my musical tastes are always evolving. 

This album started as a gift to Jamie for Mother's Day.  And it has been in rotation since then.  

Belafonte's smooth voice provides great interpretations for the standards and covers on the album.  His interpretation of Midnight Special is a particular favorite.

The other great benefit is the exposure to world music.  The music of his heritage and its traditions.  Jamaican folk songs and songs from the islands Episcopal tradition.  It also includes his exploration of other musical legacies. In Hava Nagila and Danny Boy.

Like Belafonte, my list is eclectic and varied.  In that respect, I think this is a fitting album to close with.  For the song, a favorite discovery of the family.

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