Thursday, January 26, 2023

Vaya Con Dios, Fiesta!

Today we say goodbye to what has been my car.  A 2011 Ford Fiesta.  Purchased in late 2010, it's seen us through a lot.  12 years; 300,000 miles put on it.  

This was my commuting car.  Because it was a more fuel efficient car, it was picked as the one to commute from Wills Point to Tyler and then Wills Point to Richardson.  Selected to put on a 100 miles a day.  It used little gas, it got good miles per gallon, so it made the most sense.  And we decided to keep it to run it into the ground.

The car has been through a lot.  100 miles a day was just the start.  It made a lot of trips to Buna and Austin.  It made a trip into New Orleans and made exactly one drive into Indiana (which we were not sure that it would do).  

It's been driven through a hailstorm and still shows signs of the damage.  That one destroyed the windshield, which was replaced, but many dents and dings remain.  

The check engine light has been on forever for a non-serious issue.  The tachometer hasn't worked in years.  The fuel gauge is unreliable.  The boot doesn't open.  The passenger rear door is will not stay shut and is held closed with tie downs.  The batteries keep dying and draining.  

Now, it has finally given up.  The engine started smoking and will not turn now. 

And there's no way, we're going to pour any money in this one. It's served its purpose and it's time to say goodbye.

Almost 300,000 miles was a good run.

I'm thankful for each of them and will be looking forward to what the next car will be and bring.  We'll be waiting on that one a bit, and can make do with the one car for now.  But before the end of the year, it will be exciting to see what's new.

So, vaya con dios, Ford Fiesta.  You've served us well.

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