Saturday, March 31, 2018

Holy Saturday 2018

Here the whole world (stars, water, air, and field, and forest, as they were reflected in a single mind) like cast off clothes was left behind in ashes, yet with hopes that, in lenten lands, hereafter may resume them on Easter Day.
-  C.S. Lewis - 

I've been thinking a lot this week about Holy Saturday.  The day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  That period between death and resurrection.  The period between the event that causes suffering and the event that brings deliverance.  The eternity between sorrow and joy.

In thinking over what the apostles went through following Jesus and in particular imagining what they were experiencing over Holy Week, I imagine many people believe their lowest point was on Good Friday.  The day they saw their leader, their mentor, their friend, put to death in one of the most horrible ways imaginable.  They scattered to the wind in fear for their lives, many of them abandoning the group to protect themselves.  And a few outright denying their association.  They were mourning, they were scared, and in out right shock.

To me, Saturday, that next day has to be the worst.  It's that period of waiting.  Of reality setting in.  On Friday, they were experiencing everything as it was happening, perhaps holding out hope for a miracle to completely change their circumstances that day.  Perhaps in complete shock through the whole experience.

Saturday is the day everything becomes real.  Jesus died.  And for all the disciples know, he is not coming back.  It's that period we all find ourselves in, where all we can do is just wait in our suffering.  And I do not know about you, but I'm terrible at waiting.  I want solutions. I want action.  I want to change things, now.   And the fact always remains that you cannot rush this time.

The great thing is, we know the result.  That the miracle does come, and greater than they could have ever imagined (maybe if they had listened closer to Jesus during his ministry they would have the smallest inkling).  Jesus defeats death and raises from the dead!  Victory is theirs!

So if you find yourself in the waiting, in the middle of your suffering, please know, it does end.  It does get better.  Especially, for those that follow the Way, for those truly living the life He has called us to, we know the end.  Even if we do not see the victory here, we know who holds it in His hand.

It's Holy Sunday.  But Easter is Coming!

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