Sunday, September 30, 2018

Six Months

Friday marked six months since I started writing this blog.  And in that time, I've maintained nearly daily entries for the entire period.  That to me is crazy, as I've never been one before who could journal or similar.  Introspective writing on a recurring basis would just get tedious.  This at least has presented a challenge, addressing issues as they arise, and allowing the muse to lead in the direction it needs to take.  It's allowed me to get ideas out of my head that have been up there for far too long.  It's helped me find my voice.  That was something that had been developing through rants on social media, but this allowed it to get more refined.

In that period of time, I've adapted a play, condensing Pygmalion and adding scenes and characters as needed to bring forth Thou Fair Eliza(r).  Things I would have never expected to do.  Thou Fair Eliza is working through the copyright process and has been approved for use in One Act Play, both incredible blessings.  Even more exciting is to have an idea and a structure for the next thing.  And to be ready to move to it.

I know I've repeatedly said that I am humbled that anyone takes the time to read this blog and it remains true.  I realize there are many, many other things out there that can compete for attention and for anyone to take even the briefest amount of time to read anything I write, I am truly grateful.

Thank you all for reading.  I have no plan to stop anytime soon, so continue to be on the lookout for random and assorted musing on any topic under the sun.

Until next time.

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