Thursday, January 24, 2019

Level 2 Legal Solutions Turns 10

Tonight, we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of Level 2 Legal Solutions.  I've written about this before in the Milestones post, but this is a huge accomplishment for our firm and for the employees that have dedicated so much to this business.

We've had a bit of an interesting path to get here, as it seemed we were always called to be bigger, faster, and up to new challenges before anyone would have planned.  When Findlay Craft started, there was always going to be a document review component that would later spin out into its own separate unit.  The planned year-year and a half roll-out got quickly condensed into a couple of months based on project demands.  From there, we were going to be a niche or boutique review firm offering the highest quality review by a small band of attorneys in Tyler.  And while the high quality of review has remained, project demands pushed us into a larger number of attorneys and into the Richardson office far sooner than anyone could have anticipated.  Those same demands have pushed us to move from one office to our current space and to keep expanding our space to create more room for project associates and for more diverse company divisions.

And while we have had our share of dips in projects, as any company in a project based or "gig economy" faces, the demand for our services has continued to blossom and grow, pushing us into new and exciting territories.  Last year, we worked on a record number of matters with a record number of project associates.  Over our tenure, we have become a trusted partner for countless individual trial attorneys, AmLaw100 law firms, and Fortune 500 companies.  We've even made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018 (ranking 3112 and 1993, respectively).

Through it all, we've still been that scrappy little start up.  We've fought and fought hard to maintain our reputation in the industry and to continue to make the magic happen for our clients and partners.  Over the coming decade, we face the challenge of moving from that scrappy start up to an established industry partner, with all the headaches that the change will bring.  We have a need to expand our business model, moving to the left in the EDRM model into processing and consulting.  This will also necessitate a move to the right into production, making us more of a one-stop shop.  We'll need to cement the new divisions of marketing, human resources, sales, and strategy, that will provide us the framework to continue to grow this office and hopefully beyond into new locations and frontiers.

Our promise is to continue to do so with the same valued care, competence, and courtesy that we bring to any matter.

I'm grateful for the ten years we have behind us and look forward to the, hopefully, ten years and more we have ahead.

To find out more about Level 2 Legal Solutions and who we are, visit our website here.

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