Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Age Challenge

So there is a new challenge going around social media.  To show how hard aging hit you, post your first profile picture and your last profile picture.  While I'm not one for all social media challenges, this one is actually fun.

The photo on the left is in the Northern coast of France, looking toward the white cliffs of Dover, circa 2008.  The photo on the right is from Walt Disney World, circa December 2017.  Nearly a decade between.

My face shows a bit in the years. Bigger bags under the eyes. More lines at their corners, thanks in large part to the additions in the second photo.

What the photos do not show are the events in between.  A marriage nearing a decade ago, a daughter, and a son. New in-laws and four nephews.  Lots of travels all over the world.  The loss of an uncle, a grandfather, a grandmother and two aunts.  Laughter and tears.  Lots of sleepless nights.

Thankfully, we have those moments documented too.  And I'm grateful for the part this blog is helping in documenting the events of our life.

Let's try this again in another ten years, and see how much else has changed.

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