Sunday, July 21, 2019

All Downhill From Here

As of the posting of this blog, all our furniture and the majority of our possessions should be out of our apartment.  There's a little bit left to try and sell, and there's the cleaning that remains.  We should be en route to our storage unit, to unload tomorrow morning and return the truck.

So a short post today.  Mainly to say thank you.

Thank you to those whose thoughts and prayers have been getting us through this time.

Thank you to everyone who came to our moving sale and bought things through Facebook marketplace.  We're glad to have helped those pieces find new homes.

Thank you to those who shared the Marketplace posts to help get them sold.

Thank you to the businesses who donated boxes to help us pack.

Thank you to our parents who are letting us store stuff in various places.  And who we are looking forward to spending more time with until we find a permanent new location.

A special thank you to everyone who came and helped us load the truck.  We could not have done this without you.  Physically and mentally.  I'm getting so sick of going up and down stairs, I'm going to be glad to be on flat ground for a while.  I think climbing the decks on the cruise was preparation.

We are blessed beyond measure to call you friends.

Thank you as always for reading.  This next week is going to be a little hectic getting everything finalized, but I hope to keep up with this semi-regularly.

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