Thursday, September 19, 2019


A bit of a PSA today.

Tropical Depression Imelda has dumped over 40 inches of rain in the last seventy-two hours for large parts of Southeast Texas. Governor Abbott has declared a state of disaster for thirteen counties. What follows below is a collection of hopefully useful information, a collection of information circulating on Facebook today.

If at all possible if you are able to safely stay inside and not leave your home today, please shelter in place. Schools are closed, the two hospitals in Beaumont are inaccessible.

Do not attempt to drive through standing water. There is a reason that they have tried to get everyone to remember turn around don’t drown. Over half of all flood-related drownings occur when a vehicle is driven into hazardous flood water. Just six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars causing loss of control and possible stalling. Six inches of moving water can make someone walking fall. A foot of water will float most vehicles. Two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles including SUVs and pickups. In many areas, it is impossible to see exactly how deep the standing water is. Be safe, turn around, and don’t attempt to drive through the water.

There are many places that are impassable or have been already closed. 62 between Buna and Mauriceville has several places of standing water over the road. I-10 has been closed in both directions between Winnie and Beaumont. Highway 12 from the Texas/Louisiana line has been closed all the way to Vidor. Again, if you do not have to get out and drive, it is best not to attempt it today.

When it is necessary to leave your home (to evacuate or because it is no longer safe), don’t worry about your property. Take important documents and get yourself and your family out.

If your house has the potential to be flooded, unplug electrical devices. Breakers should be turned off as soon as the water is within a couple of inches of your lowest outlet. Move important documents to a higher location where the flood waters should not reach; if you can find something waterproof to put them in, all the better.

If at all possible, do not go into an attic to avoid floodwaters in the home. You could become trapped if waters continue to rise. If going in the attic is a last resort, take and axe or saw with you so you can cut through the roof as needed.

Important Numbers:
Jefferson County: 409.835.8757
Port Arthur: 409.983.8707 / 409.983.8663
Coast Guard: 202.372.2100
281-464-4851 Coast Guard
281-464-4852 Coast Guard
281-464-4853 Coast Guard
281-464-4854 Coast Guard
281-464-4855 Coast Guard
Air Force: 904.553.2185

Download Zello App/Cajun Navy (Several channels)
You can text them at 337-581-3750

Emergency Management Offices:
Jefferson County: 409.835.8757
Port Arthur: 409.983.8707 / 409.983.8663
Port Neches: 409.719.4258
Beaumont: 409.880.3838
Nederland: 409.723.1531
Groves: 409.962.4460

Hurricane Hotline:
Beaumont: 409.835.8757 (Jefferson County)
Port Arthur: 409.983.8333 (Jefferson County)
City of Beaumont: 409.880.3916
City of Groves: 409.962.4469
City of Nederland: 409.722.4965
City of Port Arthur: 409.983.8600
City of Port Neches: 409.722.5885
City of Nome: 409.253.2391
City of Bevil Oaks: 409.753.1475

Non-emergency contact numbers (in light of a regional 911 interruption)
Port Arthur: 409.983.8600; 409.983.8700
Orange County: 409.883.2612
Hardin County: 409.835.8668

Beaumont: 409.880.3901
Groves, Nederland, and Port Neches: 409.723.1537
Bridge City: 409.735.5028
Silsbee: 409.385.3714
Orange: 409.883.1026
Pinehurst: 409.735.5028
Vidor: 409.769.4561

When you can do so safely, document everything. Take pictures of all flood levels, all damage, etc. This will be beneficial to later claims.

When this has passed and disaster relief is stepping in, don’t donate to the Red Cross. There are far better local organizations that can be donated to and there are better national organizations that do not have the bloat and bureaucracy of the Red Cross. The Cajun Navy, Samaritan’s Purse, Salvation Army, 

To everyone reading and for those so inclined, please pray for Southeast Texas and those going through the storms.  The Lord is with you all, may he keep you safe through the storms.  May they pass quickly.

When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.
Isaiah 43:2

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