Friday, October 4, 2019

The Travelers' Report 14 - Road Trip Day One Nashville

Part 14 in the series of our ongoing travels, both as a family and individually.  The next several entries will be from the Hamrick family road trip to Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.  Jamie's thoughts are in blue, with my own color commentary.

"My family planned a big road trip to Kentucky centering around the ark exhibit and then adding on whatever side adventures we liked to make along the way. You need to know we’re caravanning with three cars, four kids seven and under and ten adults. Our adventures started early when my brother got his keys locked in the car in Arkansas, at least we made it out of Texas.😉

Our first stop outside of a gas station was a picnic at the Memphis welcome center. What a wonderful scene they created right there on the river with a fun playground for the kids to blow off their pent up energy after being trapped in the car for several hours and the cutest covered picnic area to enjoy."

The welcome center in Memphis is amazing.  Right on the river, excellent park space.  Plenty of walking trails.  And the interior space honoring the musicians is excellent as well.  Definitely recommend a stop there if you need one.

"Our final stop of the day before we headed to our hotel in Nashville was dinner at the Loveless Cafe. Such a great place to eat. The restaurant sits in an old motel with lots of little shops and games to play while you wait for a table. We loaded up on some blackberry jam and pumpkin butter before gorging ourselves on some of the best fried chicken, and catfish I’ve ever eaten. Jude and Ryker seemed to be in competition over who could eat the most biscuits (they basically became their meal.)"

I've been wanting to go to the Loveless since the rest of my family has stopped there and raved about it. While they typically do breakfast there, we ended up eating dinner. It did not disappoint.

"All in all our first and longest leg of the trip went fairly well. (Sorry about the keys Joseph)
More adventures to come!!!

Next stop, Kentucky

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