Friday, November 15, 2019

The Travelers' Report Part 18 - Road Trip Day 5 Indiana

Part 18 in the series of our ongoing travels, both as a family and individually.  This continues the Hamrick family road trip, covering a detour into Indiana, with a couple of fun side adventures.

"Day five, another detour to a great side adventure. We started the day with a stop in Franklin, Indiana, a quaint little town right outside of Indianapolis. They had a historical museum where the kids could dress up, play with trains and see what life was like living in a log cabin. Us grown ups were impressed by the fact they had Ray Stevens “The Streak” on the jukebox. Jude found a coonskin cap he apparently couldn’t live without."

I love Jude's face here.  I think their expressions really sum up the trip in a lot of ways.

"After this little stop we headed to Indianapolis to the giant indoor trampoline park where we bounced an hour’s worth of energy off and gained bragging rights for climbing the warped wall. (I made the 10 footer, though graceful is not a word I’d use to describe my climb🤣)

Our next destination was Books and Brews, a brewery where you can grab a beer, check out a book or play a game. Our time here was short lived as the kids couldn’t be quite long enough to enjoy a game."

"We finished the day in Indianapolis with a drive to The Children’s Museum. This is a place we have to come back to again, it was so impressive. The dinosaurs bursting through the walls and trying to climb through was so cool."

"All in the we had a great time in Indiana and want to come back, especially to visit Santa Claus, Indiana and go Holiday Park."

There's a lot for us still to see in Indiana and a connection to Keeler family history. We will definitely be going back.

Next up in the series, the start of the trip back.

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