Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Big Questions

I'm a fan of questions.  To readers of this blog, I don't think that will come as a surprise.  I'm a fan of raising questions, of thinking through questions, of asking the harder questions.

Questions are interesting, much more so than answers.  They are additive.  They continue conversations instead of ending them.  They further dialogue, debate, and discussion.  

Questions force us to acknowledge what we don't know and what we want to learn.  They force us to grow, to change.

They make us acknowledge what we really believe.

In that regard, questions are scary.  This is why we often do not want to take questions.  To be questioned.  We don't want to face the what we don't know.  To face the possibility that we are mistaken.  That we are wrong.

For the start of this new year, I'm going to start a new series focusing on questions.  On the big questions that are captivating me right now.  The ones that are challenging me and forcing me to struggle with them.  The ones that have surprised me.  The ones that need to be asked.

I won't purport to provide hard answers in any of these entries.  They will be thought explorations of where my head is at with each of them.  How I'm processing them.  And as is typical in my writing, it will probably ask several component questions as well.

I would love to have your input for each.

This post will serve as a hub for each of the subsequent posts.  I'll keep updating it with the new post links each day as well.  There is no set end to the series, but I have several percolating at the moment for the days to come.  I will also likely be returning to this series as new questions arise throughout the continuation of this blog.

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