Saturday, March 7, 2020

Mitchuation Update - The Journey Begins

Just a short entry today.  I write sitting in a Popeye’s in Forrest City, Arkansas, trying the spicy chicken sandwich for the first time for a very late lunch.  (Note for posterity - if you go around the loop in Little Rock, there are very few options to eat until West Memphis).

I’ve started the first, of what I’m sure will be many, drive to Indianapolis.  Start work on Monday.  Do not yet know where we will be living, though we do have a series of temporary options lined out through the end of the month.  

I’m alone this trip.  Jamie is watching Hudson and Harry one more week, and I will fly back down Friday evening to come meet up with her and help drive the whole family.  I get to make the pilot trip, if you will. 

It’s an exciting time right now.  After being in the waiting for what seemed so long, everything is finally kicking off.  A bit of trepidation, sure, but otherwise really excited. 

I’ll keep you posted on this week and beyond as work starts and I get to go view a property we’d like to rent.  The next few weeks should hold a lot of interesting developments.

For those so inclined, pray for safe travel.  Pray for an easing of the absence this week and the distance between me and Jamie, Avalyn, and Jude.  Pray for a good start Monday. 

Please know you are in my thoughts this week. Thank you all for keeping up with us and for the support you’ve shown over these last several months. 

Time to get back on the road now. 

3.5 hours to go today. 

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