Monday, June 29, 2020

Ten Albums #6: Rent

There was always going to be a Broadway cast album on this list and I debated on which one to go with.  I settled on Rent because I discovered it at just the right time.  A rock opera update of La Boheme, set in the late 1980s/early 1990s Village in New York City.  My college self was the perfect age to discover this show as it toured Austin. This was a show for outcasts and we naturally were drawn to it.

The music is consistently amazing throughout the show, even in what would be considered smaller numbers like Life Support.  Larson's ability to heavy material lyrically is unmatched, as is his ability to use comedy in song.  

There comes a point though, when you know you've reached an age where you can no longer identify with the characters in the show.  Sure, their struggle against the hopelessness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic will always resonate. But, the fight to not pay rent, not so much.  I've crossed that line.  Jamie and I saw another tour version of the show recently and while the music still connects, the storyline gets a bit aggravating.  

I've still got most of the soundtrack memorized, though.  That part will be forever etched in my brain.  It will serve as a remind of how best to spend out time here on earth.  One year.  565,600 minutes.  How do you measure a year?

How about in love?

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