Thursday, July 16, 2020

Amazing Grace, Indeed

I discovered this today and had to share.

When people ask me how I imagine Heaven, I often joke that I picture a Gaither Homecoming concert.  That large group of singers, singing all kinds of worship and praise music.   Singers gathered from every country, every era.  Mozart and Elvis together.  Mahlia Jackson with Lecrae.  DC Talk with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.  The best concert you could ever imagine.  

This comes the closest I've heard.

This is the Church.  The nation of God, united not in country, not in language, not in color, but in worship of the one true living God.  

This is worship.  Every language, every style, joined together in praise.

Do you ever think about how, on Sunday mornings, your voice in joining in a global time of worship and praise, as worship starts all throughout the day, circling the globe as the sun rises in the different time zones?  How your voice joins that global choir of praise, lifting high his holy name?  How high holy, modern praise, country and bluegrass, and gospel join with global variations of the same?

How no matter how mega the church here in the states, we are just a small part of the world wide song of praise that is taking place?

We're singing the eternal song.  The greatest message, the only thing that makes Christianity different from any other religion or creed that has existed on this planet.  That of grace.  Amazing grace, indeed.

Let's join that chorus.

Lift every voice, and sing.

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