Saturday, December 12, 2020

Why I Love My Church CPCC 1 - Yuletide Festival

I recently realized that it has been a while since I wrote an entry in this series and that I had not yet done so for our new church home, Connection Pointe Christian Church, though there has been a lot that is worthy of celebrating.

One thing I love about our new church home is a de facto motto that they have adopted in their ministry.  We do things we've never done before in order to reach people we've never reached before.  And this has manifested in a variety of different ways.  A dedication to online ministry beyond just a simulcast.  An increased community service presence in this trying year through blood drives, meal drives, etc.  And in this Christmas season, it has manifested in a particularly fun way: Yuletide Festival.

The Yuletide Festival is an event occurring every Friday night, Saturday afternoon/evening, and Sunday afternoon/evening in our parking lot.  They bring in a super screen on a flatbed to create a drive in movie theater showing a good rotation of Christmas movies.  On Saturday night and Sunday morning, it includes a drive in worship experience for those that still are not ready to come back in the building for Covid-19 concerns.  There has been an "ice" rink for skating.  And picture opportunities.  With a neat little gift bag for snacks during the experience (including popcorn balls).

It's a partnership with the parks service that simply serves to bring a little joy this holiday season to our community.  Particularly in a year when light has been difficult to find.  When joy might be a little elusive.

It's something different, something new to reach out to people who would never have any other connection to our church.  And if all we have done is brighten their day and blessed them a little, then it's been a success.

And that it gives us an opportunity to tell them about our church and to let them know what we're about.

"A Thrill of Hope" indeed - I hope your church is likewise sharing that thrill this Christmas season.

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