Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Soapbox - Similarity


"One of the things we try to demonstrate in our yarns is that nobody is all good, or all bad.  Even a shoddy super-villain can have a redeeming trait, just as any howling' hero might have his nutty hangups.  One of the greatest barriers to real peace and justice in this troubled world is the feeling that everyone on the other side of the ideological fence is a 'bad guy'.  We don't know if you're a far-out radical, or Mr. Establishment himself -if you're a black militant or a white liberal - if you're a pantin' protest marcher or a jolly John Bircher - but, whatever you are, don't get bogged down by kindergarten labels!  It's time we learned how fruitless it is to think in terms of us and them - of black and white.  Maybe, just maybe, the other side isn't all bad.  Maybe your own point of view isn't the only one that's divinely inspired.  Maybe we'll never find true understanding until we listen to the other guy; and until we realize that we can never march across the Rainbow Bridge to true Nirvana - unless we do it side-by-side!



Stan's Soapbox, March 1969

The more things change...

53 years later, we could still heed this advice.

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