Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Year of Milestones

As we look forward to all that is scheduled to occur in 2019, it is apparent that the year will be one of many milestones and hopefully, many celebrations.  And just as important as it is to look back at where we've come from, I also think it's very important to look ahead for the signposts of where we are going.  So, Lord willing, these are just a few of the milestones, celebrations and trips we'll be looking forward to:

  • Jude enters the terrible twos in February - And just like that, he's no longer a baby.  Come February, Jude will be a full-fledged toddler, with the start of the terrible twos.  Here's hoping his are mild.
  • Level 2 Legal turns 10 in February - In our field, this is incredible.  This little start up that seemed to always be jumping into something far bigger than itself has survived 10 years in this market due to quality, consistency, and tenacity.  We have the best clients in the world, though I think we could still be marketed as the best kept secret in legal services.  It will be fun to celebrate the Tin/Aluminum anniversary of the company and my 10 year tenure with them.
  • Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary in May - Love that lasts is always worth celebrating.  Though they'll have their own getaway, we'll be helping them continue the celebration with a full family trip to Walt Disney World, where we'll get to take part in Disney Hollywood Studios 30th Anniversary.  They wanted all their kids and grandkids together and they'll get to spend a bit of a day with each grandchild one on one.
  • Avalyn turns five in June - We always said we would wait three to five years after getting married to have kids and it ended up being right at five.  Our little girl hits the half decade mark.  She's smarter than I was at that age and I often forget how young she is.  She's our little wonder and she's growing up too fast.
  • Jamie and I will celebrate our 10th Anniversary in June - I have often remarked to Jamie that our marriage seems both like it just happened and that it always was.  It has been an incredible ten years and we are looking forward to many more.  We'll celebrate with our annual getaway, this time likely to someplace neither of us have been - Philadelphia.
  • Jamie will go to Costa Rica with students in June - she loves continuing the travel program through the school and this trip will take her to one of her favorite destinations.
  • Avalyn will start school in August/September - this one is the hardest one to believe. Our smart little four year old, will be eligible for Kindergarten with her upcoming birthday.  

This is just a fraction of what we're looking forward to.  There will be many other things to celebrate. Birthdays, reunions, a wedding.  Hopefully at least one other getaway.  I also know there will be things this year that will be challenging.  There will be sadness and grief.  There will be difficulties.  But keeping these milestones and celebrations in view, as well as being surrounded by the people who celebrate with you, that's what makes those moments bearable. 

So here's to the moments worth celebrating and everyone in between.  This will be a good list to come back to at the end of the year and see how things turned out.

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