Saturday, January 19, 2019

My Top 10 Lost Austin Spots

With a family get together in Hutto, my thoughts are about Austin, my history with the location and my feelings about it now.  As much as I loved Austin and will always hold it in a special place in my heart, it's clear to me that the Austin I loved doesn't really exist anymore.  It's a vapor, relegated to memory.

In particular, this can be seen in the number of restaurants, stores, and other locations in Austin that played a big part in my time there, which no longer exist.    And from this time of reminiscing, I've derived my Top 10 Lost Austin locations.

As such, in no particular order, the places and things I miss most are:

  • Threadgills on Riverside - I know the original is still there on North Lamar, but this was my location for Gospel and chicken fried steak.  It's where Jamie's folks brought the guys that helped her move out of her Austin apartment.
  • Serranos in Symphony Square - Again, there are a few locations of Serranos still left, but the Symphony Square location was an integral one for my college years.  Working at the Symphony, I ate many a lunch at this location.  It just seemed synonymous with Austin and with downtown in particular.
  • Frank and Angie's - A great pizza location behind Hut's, and the location of a couple of great dates with Jamie.
  • Tower Records - This is more of a national item that is missed, but I definitely miss the location on the drag.  There was many an hour spent browsing through Tower records and their video section in particular between classes.
  • Funny Papers at Dobie Mall - This was my comic shop during undergraduate.  It was so easy to walk to Dobie on Wednesdays, grab new books, and head upstairs to the food court to read and eat lunch. Austin Books may have grown into a favorite, but this was the first choice.
  • EZs - On North Lamar.  This was a great location for a burger or pizza.  Expansive menu, but reasonably priced.  I'll have to go to San Antonio now to reminisce.  
  • Texadelphia on Guadalupe - Again, multiple locations still left, but the original on the Drag seemed so iconic.  This was a great undergraduate lunch, when I was on the North part of campus.  It also holds a special place as one of my undergraduate Business School projects.
  • Katz's Deli - Katz's finally klosed.  The iconic location on Sixth Street that was a staple of childhood trips to Austin and late night fare closed in 2016, after 31 years.
  • A skyline no taller than the capitol - I miss the old capitol view corridor.  This one started changing shortly after I left, but it's no secret that I'm not a fan of all the towering skyscrapers that have popped up since I left.  People can argue their necessity, but the impact its had on the skyline is a negative to me.  
  • Frank Erwin Center - I still cannot get over this is going away, to site to be replaced by an expansion of the Dell Medical School and a new basketball arena to be built near Memorial Stadium.   This was the place for concerts, for basketball (both UT and the state basketball championship), and for graduation.  This will be a significant change to the view on the I35 drive.
For those of you that are former Austinites, what's your lost Austin?

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